is a remote management and monitoring framework for Mac and iOS devices to allow educational institutions to leverage a fully-managed, enterprise-level support service without the high financial and manpower overheads.

Lower maintenance costs

Improved device performance

Strengthened security

Reduced in-house support overheads

Manage Profiles and Policies ensures that policies and profiles are enforced across all desktop and mobile devices. Students and staff have reliable access to network services and their devices have consistently applied security and update policies.

Modular Deployment & Updating


Imaging new and existing devices with your latest configurations is streamlined with the service so that devices can be configured with software and updates at any time. Updates are applied to any dormant machines when they next come online, ensuring consistency across all devices and compliance with your latest policies.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) includes Apple MDM management that allows institutions to take full advantage of Apple DEP (Device Enrolment Program) for streamlined onboarding of new devices and VPP (Volume Purchase Program) for centralised management of App Store software.

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