EnhancedAD has transformed the way in which Apple Macs work on Windows Active Directory (AD) networks. Being used in schools throughout the UK, this core solution provides robust AD integration, reliable file access, full user file mobility, integration with all core network services, centralised data storage and backup, and greatly improved work flows for both students and teachers.

Active Directory Integration


EnhancedAD uses core Apple technologies to provide a robust and reliable Active Directory integration, allowing users to login with their standard AD credentials.

Teachers and students can then be given secure access to important network services, such as their Windows home folders, Internet access and printing. This secure integration allows full auditing and control of these services within existing school policies.

Networked User Home Folders


With EnhancedAD users have a fully managed Network Home folder as their default saving location. Storing work in the right place is simple and users have access to all their work from any Mac on the network.

Other Active Directory integration solutions only allow Local or Shared Windows Homes. Local Homes are undesirable for mobility reasons, but more importantly they present serious data security and backup issues.

Sharing of Windows Homes on the other hand prevents the use of most professional media applications1. Institutions that seek to use this configuration also tend to experience frequent file permission and performance issues.

Network Media Projects


EnhancedAD’s Virtual Scratch Disk technology allows music and media projects2 to be stored in the user’s Network Home folder.

In fact, EnhancedAD’s Virtual Scratch Disks allow network-based projects to be created, edited and stored without any restrictions. This work would otherwise have to be saved locally, creating user mobility and data security issues.

EnhancedAD is the only solution to allows all student and staff files, including media projects, to be managed appropriately. Work is held centrally so it can be kept secure, backed up reliably and users remain mobile.

Class Projects – Collaboration Tools

Students often work in pairs or small groups, and projects are saved in an individual’s Network Home folder, making access to the work frustrating if the primary user is unavailable.

EnhancedAD’s Class Projects feature allows a user to share access to a file with other students. Each user then has access to the project from within their own Home folder.

Students can also provide teachers with access to a project by associating it with a defined ‘Class Project’. This provides quick access to student work during lesson time for sharing and ongoing assessment.

Optimised User Experience

EnhancedAD optimises the classroom use of AD integrated Macs by managing some key configuration features ‘on the fly’. These optimisations ensure that teachers can focus on teaching and learning without the frustration of intermittent technical issues.

Keychain Password Updates

Ensures Active Directory password updates handled correctly, preventing keychain errors.

Device Auto-configuration

The correct audio interface driver is selected by default in professional audio applications.


Releasing User Mounted Drives

All user mounted drives are released safely and securely on user log off from machine.

Finder Sidebar Management

Customised Finder Sidebar provides access to drives such as Windows and Mac Homes folders.

Desktop Access Enhancements

Access to Windows and Mac Homes, Student Resources and Hand In folders, from the desktop.

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